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Tindy C Chats to Meshi

Tindy C chats to Meshi, about his recent release ‘Dil Mangdi’; the fact it was recently featured in Eastenders; what we can look out for from this new & rising talent & most importantly – which team he was supporting the Football World Cup finals!


Tindy C interviews Matthew R & live acoustic session on Radio Fox.

Tindy C interviews Matthew R on Radio Fox plus a LIVE Acoustic session by Matthew R & his guitarist Darren Moulds. Matthew R is a Singer/Songwriter from Leicester set for BIG THINGS! His sound is R&B & Pop with a hint of acoustic. Concludes with his track ‘Tear It Up’.

He talks about his experience to date including auditioning for ‘X Factor’ & his musical family & what to look out for from him.

Quote on Reverb Nation: “…matthew has achieved brilliant things and has even been asked to support top US artists such as Chris Brown.”

Look out for Matthew R – BIG things are expected from this lovely down-to-earth guy!


Tindy C interviews Chris Heath (Therapeutic Practioner) about Emotional Eating – Jan 2014

*; * E: * Twitter – @life4livingEFT; *

I chat to Therapeutic Practitioner Chris Heath about Emotional Eating.

Is your life controlled by your food cravings? Emotional Eating is the number 1 cause of excessive weight gain…& many of us do it! We reach for that packet of biscuits or chocolates or crisps when we are bored, stressed or fatigued, etc.

Here, Chris Heath talks about the psychology behind ‘Emotional Eating’ & techniques* that can help us with food cravings. (*Using Emotional Freedom Technique). This is essentially an interview about emotional health – stress, anxiety and excess weight are all linked!

Chris Heath is a Certified Practitioner in Hypnotherapy, Advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping), Matrix Reimprinting and Emotional Transformation (EmoTrance).

Chris has successfully managed to help people struggling with post-traumatic stress disorders, confidence issues, food cravings (emotional eating), stress, phobias and anxieties.

Tindy C covers the Brit Asia Music Awards 2013 for Radio Fox

Tindy C covers the Brit Asia TV Music Awards 2013 for Radio Fox, hosted by funny man Kulvinder Ghir (Goodness Gracious Me).

The Awards Ceremony featured unprecendented performances by many A-List Artists. These Awards recognise the best of Brit-Asian Music.

There were performances on the night by many, including: Jaz Dhami, Roach Killa, Raxstar, Dr Zeus and Kanika Kapoor, Gippy Grewal, and Daljit Dosanjh.

Best Newcomer: San2
Best International Act: Diljit Dosanjh
Best ‘Non-Asian Music’ Producer: Naughty Boy
Best Music Video: We Doin It Big
Best Male Act: Jaz Dhami
Best Female Act: Sarika Gill
Best Live Band: The Legends Band
Best Urban Asian Act: Roach Killa
Best Asian Single: Kharku
Best Album: Back To Basics
Best ‘Asian Music’ Producer: Tru-Skool
Best Club DJ: Sonny Ji
Best Urban Asian Single: Satisfya
Best Songwriter: Kashmir Thakarwal

Tindy C – HBA Best Female Presenter Entry 2014

My entry for HBA (Hospital Broadcasting Association) Awards 2014.
In the ‘Tindy C’ show & I cover chat (various topics), numerous interviews (with celebs & others), great music, positive thought for the week, random fact & star sign.
I keep my shows light hearted & inject a spark of quirky humour & fun. With Leicester being such a diverse city, with a large Asian population — part of my show ‘Desi Fever’ –is everything Bollywood, Bhangra & Urban. (‘Desi’ is a term for the people, cultures, & products of the Indian subcontinent or South Asia).

1) I had the opportunity to cover the Brit Asia Awards & spoke to winner SARIKA, who has given us a demo of her singing!
2) Roachkiller is an Urban artist, & this was just an intro to him!
3) Louise Richardson has managed to turn her life round after a serious illness, & had just released her novel ‘The Celebration of Life’. This was a positive message to long term hospital patients.
4) Sleeping positions — this was a comment made during one of the chats where we were discussing & informing listeners what different sleeping positions mean!
5) I interviewed the group Swami at an exclusive private gig to which Radio Fox was invited. Their fusion of music (electro-rock-bhangra-urban) is rapidly increasing in popularity amongst people of all ethnicities. I have included clips of my interviews with both S-Endz & Sureo.
6) I interviewed 4 members from Eternal Taal — a famous predominantly female Bhangra Entertainments troupe, specializing in Dhol playing (Indian drum) live on my show, as they had just appeared in a Bollywood movie – Yamla Pagla Deewana 2. The youngest guest was 10 years old. I also spoke to them about other things, such as how they got into dhol playing. Plus they played the Dhol live on my show. These are four short parts of an interview that lasted an hour.
To keep listeners engaged, I keep talk accessible & enjoyable, incorporating lots of humour! I am aware of my listeners, which is why I cover various topics relevant to health & wellbeing. I also interview many music stars, & attempt to explain what things are (such as the ‘Dhol’) so every listener, regardless of background may enjoy my show, which I hope is lively, fun & engaging.

Tindy Chaggar – Asli Foods voice-over for Sabras Radio, Leicester.

Tindy Chaggar – Asli Foods voice-over for Sabras Radio, Leicester. 2008/9.