Tindy C catches up with Louise Richardson author of ‘The Greatness Within’

Tindy C catches up with Louise Richardson author of ‘The Greatness Within’ at ‘The Celebration of Life’ in Leicester on Sunday 21st July 2013.

“In 2008, Louise Richardson was taken ill with an ME type illness and a cerebral aneurysm. Her world came to an abrupt stop and everything she had worked hard for came crashing down around her. Louise thought that she had nothing to look forward to and felt very stuck in a situation not of her choosing. She had a responsible job, money, lovely home and was studying for a degree. Just the previous month she had been travelling and had no indication of what was to come. Having spent a number of years within the confines of her home, Lousie decided to take back control of her life and began, very slowly, to find things that she was able to attempt. Louise used poetry to escape her confines and to release her emotions and to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. Along with poetry, Louise also paints and has revived her love of singing and dancing. She hopes that you find this book both interesting and helpful”.

(Richardson 2013)


Tindy C catches up with Anand B about his debut single ‘Dil De De’ – Summer 2013


Tindy C catches up with Anand B about his debut single ‘Dil De De’, on The Tindy C Show at Radio Fox. Anand B is just 19 years old – a young guy with the BIG voice!! He is from Birmingham, has had the opportunity to learn from the great Ustaad Ajit Singh Matlashi Ji, and is currently learning classical music.

The latest signing to Jeeti Productions.

Tindy C spoke to Anand B about the release, followed by the track itself -courtesy of Jeeti Productions.

Tindy C Interviews Swami – July 2013

Tindy C Interviews Swami Band Members (Diamond Duggal – AKA DJ Swami, Sureo and S-Endz) following an exclusive gig about their upcoming album ‘Upgrade’.

Tindy C in conversation with Eternal Taal, Summer 2013

Tindy C in conversation with Eternal Taal who made their way onto the sets of the recently released Deol Family Production of ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana 2’. Tindy C chats to them about this Bollywood experience, the group plus much more.

Tindy C interviews Sups from SWAMI about their track ‘Back It Up’ – Feb 13.

Tindy C interviews the delightful Sups, from the electro-rock-bhangra band SWAMI about their latest release ‘Back It Up’ from their their forthcoming album ‘UPGRADE’.

Tindy C: HBA Best Female Presenter Entry 2013


I discuss various topics on my show & invite guests along to share their inspiring stories & expertise; I also go out & about to bring interesting guests direct to the wards & there is a section of my show dedicated to bollywood/bhangra & urban music.

I feel it is very important to embrace people for what they are, & to discuss items that would benefit our audience.

The Cobras piece was done to promote awareness about wheelchair basketball. I had the opportunity to chat to Natasha Davies who represented GB at the Paralympics. Ian Trott (Coach) did come in as a guest at a later stage & informed listeners how they could get involved.

Janet Hills is a tutor with helpful advice — the piece I’ve selected is where I further question her, after she told me that a lot of issues stem from childhood.

I also chat about various topics- serious & lighthearted (such as 50 Shades of Grey); & run competitions (e.g. the tongue twister competition) — I try to encourage as many people as possible to get involved.

I interviewed Raghav this year – an International Urban mainstream artist.
I address a number of issues & have also interviewed others in 2012 including: an Award-Winning Hollistic Therapist; somebody about their Brazillian charity trek experience (for ‘Scope’); the hospital staff about Dementia & a charity event. My outside broadcasts include the start of The Queen’s Jubilee Tour in Leicester & an interview with one of the Leicester Torch Bearers for 2012 Olympics. I also interviewed the ‘Godfather’ of Bhangra this year– Channi Singh (live on the phone) about his recently awarded OBE, plus other music stars.
My basic belief is to try & empathize: I attempt to bring facts of what’s going on- so realism, yet keep a sense of positivity to uplift people who may be feeling rather down.

Tindy C, Radio Fox.

Tindy C – Best Speech Package Entry for HBA Awards 2013.



I interviewed Bally Virdee (member of the SERCO security team at LRI) and Billy Hamnett (specialist dementia nurse) about dementia, including symptoms, the wider effects of the disease and problems that can arise within the A & E department.
Due to the ageing population this is a very relevant topic, which affects many people. The LRI have decided to positively tackle issues which may arise within the hospital, as the security team are often called to help calm down patients who are suffering from dementia. These patients can become extremely confused and distressed.
Therefore the security team and others have decided to do a charity event to raise money for a much needed facility within the A & E department (specialist dementia room).
I spoke to them about their personal experiences, how the room will help, and the charity event (Hadrian’s Wall challenge and other fundraising events). The aim of this interview was to promote awareness and to help raise funds for this much needed facility.
Tindy C, Radio Fox.
This interview is a 5 minute extract and did help the team to exceed their target!

Tindy Chaggar – Rang Asian Wedding Exhibition voice-over for Sabras Radio, Leicester.


A commercial for Rang Asian Wedding Exhibition, voiced for Sabras Radio by Tindy Chaggar – 2008/9.

Tindy Chaggar – Asli Foods voice-over for Sabras Radio, Leicester.

Tindy Chaggar – Asli Foods voice-over for Sabras Radio, Leicester. 2008/9.

Tindy Chaggar – Asain wedding Exhibition Voice Over for Sabras Radio.


Tindy Chaggar – Asain wedding Exhibition Voice Over for Sabras Radio – 2008/9.