Tindy C interviews Chris Heath (Therapeutic Practioner) about Emotional Eating – Jan 2014

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I chat to Therapeutic Practitioner Chris Heath about Emotional Eating.

Is your life controlled by your food cravings? Emotional Eating is the number 1 cause of excessive weight gain…& many of us do it! We reach for that packet of biscuits or chocolates or crisps when we are bored, stressed or fatigued, etc.

Here, Chris Heath talks about the psychology behind ‘Emotional Eating’ & techniques* that can help us with food cravings. (*Using Emotional Freedom Technique). This is essentially an interview about emotional health – stress, anxiety and excess weight are all linked!

Chris Heath is a Certified Practitioner in Hypnotherapy, Advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping), Matrix Reimprinting and Emotional Transformation (EmoTrance).

Chris has successfully managed to help people struggling with post-traumatic stress disorders, confidence issues, food cravings (emotional eating), stress, phobias and anxieties.


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