‘Sexy & Cool’ Socks

Now I’m not that old, but I do run the risk of sounding rather ancient here!  In recent years I have noticed that people slightly younger than myself (in their twenties) do not wear matching socks!  A black and red Minnie Mouse sock may be casually worn with a pink sock, with blue dots on it…and this is quite normal!

I first noticed one of my friends wearing a Superman sock with a delicate lilac one adorned with cute little pink and white hearts a few months ago, and when I commented upon this, she actually apologized to me and explained that in her haste that morning, she was rushing around and just grabbed the first two socks she laid her hands on!

My sister was also questioned, she told that me that she just can’t be bothered to find a matching pair – especially since our washing machine at home appears to have a healthy appetite for socks and only one sock of a pair is often returned!  [Maybe there’s an alleyway leading from our washing machine to the ‘Sexy & Single Socks Party’, where these socks go to meet other like-minded foot attire and pair off with those of different sizes, colours and designs!]

Anyway, I tried not to let my imagination get carried away with me; and despite yet another friend telling me her different socks were due to her being in a rush, I decided that I’d seen more than enough of this – and it must just be a new fashion and these people were trying to make out that they were just really trendy by ‘accident’! Maybe the truth of the matter was that I just was just way behind the cool fashion trends!

So what did I do?  You guessed it – I tried deliberately wearing odd socks in an attempt to re-vamp my image.  So as not to split any romantic couples up, I decided to go with two lone socks (whose partners had run off to a more exciting life at the ‘Sexy and Single Socks Party’).   I even spoke to them as I put them on, something along the lines of “…so how do you like being so trendy and fashionable”.  I’d actually coupled a purple sock, with a stripy pink and green one. 

Did I transform myself into that super cool, hip and happenin’ chick?  Did I heck!  I just could not do it- It felt sooo wrong, and just not proper.  I was at home that morning, just doing a few errands before leaving for the gym later that day.  I must have worn my ‘trendy’ pair for about an hour.  I just kept thinking about the fact they weren’t matching, and it just did not feel right.  It made me feel guilty, something was just not right, it felt as unnatural, uncomfortable and wrong as….laughing when a friend tells you her darling cat fluffy has just died or telling your partner how amazing your ex was in bed! You catch my drift right?

Well being as anal as I am- I had to remove my socks and place them at the bottom of my sock drawer after 60 minutes – I can most certainly say that they’ll never be worn again, unless of course their partners get bored of their new life and miraculously return to their partners!

A few weeks later, having forgotten all about the ‘odd socks’ day – I was spending some time with my mother, I only happened to glance down at her socks, which indeed were……….. not matching!!  (She’s a fashion designer….I rest my case!)

Tindy C


About Tindy C

Hi, I'm Tindy C and through a substantial change in my personal circumstances I have found expression through radio and the written word invaluable. I am a lawyer by profession, but am now metamorphosing, as I realize that my pursuit of happiness lies not within the confines of a ‘stuffy’ job, but by having the freedom and encouragement to be creative. I have since 2006 been working at Radio Fox, based at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. This year at the Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA) Awards, my coverage of the Leicester Belgrave Mela 2011 won the Bronze Award in the Special Event Category. I was also honoured to be shortlisted – this year & last year in the Best Female Presenter category. This is a National Awards Ceremony covering the UK. My show at Radio Fox. ‘The Tindy C Show’ has 2 sections- ‘Talk’ & ‘Desi-Fever’. In Talk, I interview various people (including health care professionals, therapists, charities, other organisations & other inspirational people. I also discuss news items. In Desi-Fever, I bring listeners the very best in all things Bhangra & Bollywood – including interviews with the stars, great music, gossip, reviews (film, theatre, books) plus much more. I have also resumed my passion of writing and within my Blog you will find evidence of my random ‘rants and raves’, alongside excerpts from the Radio.

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  1. After I open up your Rss feed it appears to be to be a ton of junk, is the problem on my part?

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