Following my recent weight loss and completion of my transformation into the sex goddess I now am, I have seriously been dreaming of that gold bikini, (to make the most of my re-acquaintance with my long lost belly button!), and despite not having anywhere to wear this dream outfit (as yet)…I have started searching the net for it!

Such searches have revealed images of the sexy costume worn by Princess Leia – namely a gold bikini which actress Carrie Fischer provocatively sported in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, as slave to Jabba the Hutt.  It’s quite an iconic moment in the Galaxy as the beautiful princess is taken to the harem of Jabba the Hutt.  I guess all the ‘hoo-ha’ could be explained by the fact she is clad in a skimpy dancer’s outfit and kept on a short leash (…you can just imagine the fantasies!)

Maybe I was slightly young when this movie came out to fully appreciate the significance of this moment.  I did however begin to ponder…..Jabba the Hutt just looked all too familiar to me…uncomfortably familiar…and I began to wonder who he reminded me of.  A few days later it came to me….shock, horror, gasp!  Jabba the Hut reminds me of what I used to look like before the weight loss (yes, I’m afraid there were numerous chins, and rolls and rolls of fat!!!) 

Then whilst re-watching an episode Friends, I was quite amused to see the one titled “The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy.”  In one particular scene, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) asks if her boyfriend, Ross (David Schwimmer), has any imaginative fetishes.  After much prying, Ross admits that Princess Leia as Jabba’s prisoner top’s his list.

Now this is freaky…I don’t believe in coincidences.  It all started with my search for gold bikinis on the net which led to images of Princess Leia, I then realized that I used to resemble Jabba the Hutt, and I do find Ross to be the most fanciable character in Friends!  I truly believe this series of events is telling me to wear this very attire – the Galaxy conspired and placed this idea firmly into my head!  So all I have to say, is c’mon mates….when is the next fancy dress party…? I know who I’m coming as! 

Tindy C


About Tindy C

Hi, I'm Tindy C and through a substantial change in my personal circumstances I have found expression through radio and the written word invaluable. I am a lawyer by profession, but am now metamorphosing, as I realize that my pursuit of happiness lies not within the confines of a ‘stuffy’ job, but by having the freedom and encouragement to be creative. I have since 2006 been working at Radio Fox, based at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. This year at the Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA) Awards, my coverage of the Leicester Belgrave Mela 2011 won the Bronze Award in the Special Event Category. I was also honoured to be shortlisted – this year & last year in the Best Female Presenter category. This is a National Awards Ceremony covering the UK. My show at Radio Fox. ‘The Tindy C Show’ has 2 sections- ‘Talk’ & ‘Desi-Fever’. In Talk, I interview various people (including health care professionals, therapists, charities, other organisations & other inspirational people. I also discuss news items. In Desi-Fever, I bring listeners the very best in all things Bhangra & Bollywood – including interviews with the stars, great music, gossip, reviews (film, theatre, books) plus much more. I have also resumed my passion of writing and within my Blog you will find evidence of my random ‘rants and raves’, alongside excerpts from the Radio.

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