Matching Underwear



So your mum tells you that you should always be wearing matching underwear incase you get hit by a bus…and you just casually disregard that comment, thinking its never going to happen….is it?


Growing up, I never really took this too seriously, but now when I think about it, in a weird kinda way my mum really did have my back!  Mothers out there really do have their daughters’ best interests at heart.  Following an unfortunate encounter with a bus, you would be most likely to come across an ‘eligible, young, smart’ DR who earns mega-bucks, to attend to you.  So – you would want to make a good first impression, wouldn’t you?


Well I can say that I am a person who had a very unfortunate encounter with a vehicle, which resulted in my hospitalization.  The most important question to ask is……was I wearing matching underwear that day…..?


And could I remember for the life of me?  No ‘sir-ree’ I could not!  I guess there were more pressing issues to consider at the time!


But a few years on, when I finally came round to sorting through the clinical disposable bag containing the blood-sodden clothes I was wearing on that day……. I was horrified and dismayed to learn that my underwear (which was indeed matching) was shredded!!  The paramedics, in their haste to save my life, had cut not only through my rather snazzy suit, but also my expensive matching underwear!


What can I say?  Well at least I was wearing perfectly matching panties and a bra…whether or not any Drs noticted!!


Tindy C


About Tindy C

Hi, I'm Tindy C and through a substantial change in my personal circumstances I have found expression through radio and the written word invaluable. I am a lawyer by profession, but am now metamorphosing, as I realize that my pursuit of happiness lies not within the confines of a ‘stuffy’ job, but by having the freedom and encouragement to be creative. I have since 2006 been working at Radio Fox, based at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. This year at the Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA) Awards, my coverage of the Leicester Belgrave Mela 2011 won the Bronze Award in the Special Event Category. I was also honoured to be shortlisted – this year & last year in the Best Female Presenter category. This is a National Awards Ceremony covering the UK. My show at Radio Fox. ‘The Tindy C Show’ has 2 sections- ‘Talk’ & ‘Desi-Fever’. In Talk, I interview various people (including health care professionals, therapists, charities, other organisations & other inspirational people. I also discuss news items. In Desi-Fever, I bring listeners the very best in all things Bhangra & Bollywood – including interviews with the stars, great music, gossip, reviews (film, theatre, books) plus much more. I have also resumed my passion of writing and within my Blog you will find evidence of my random ‘rants and raves’, alongside excerpts from the Radio.

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