A re-acquaintance with ‘Fred’

I am so enthralled, thrilled, excited, full of positive energy and overjoyed to finally meet my long lost buddy….. Fred.  He is just so damn…well… sexy! 

When I say it’s been years – I’m not joking!  Fred was probably last around where he was supposed to be when I was into ‘Barbie’ dolls – so my childhood years, up until I was into Bros – in my teens.  I guess I didn’t pay him that much attention over the years and we just kinda drifted apart throughout my secondary school years, College, University and subsequentlyLawSchool.  He just retaliated by moving further down south, and it even came to a point where he was no longer on my x-mas card list!

It’s only since I lost the six stones that I had been carrying around with me for the best part of a decade that I began to reminisce about my dear friend Fred, and began to make my dreams a reality….

So who is this mysterious Fred I hear you ask? He is none other than my long-lost belly button!  Following a recent abdominoplasty, I am overjoyed to be re-acquainted with him!

I have not seen him in his proper and rightful place in years!  Although I’m all bandaged up at the moment, I am still very aware of his sexy presence (and have even caught a sneak preview of him during a change of dressing!).  He allows me to feel like this sensual being, sitting there on my tum (as opposed to being hidden down south somewhere amongst all that sagging redundant skin caused by massive the weight loss).

Oh how the mind wanders…..I have great dreams in mind for Fred and myself….namely a gold bikini which we will wear with pride, beautiful saree’s and maybe if Fred is a good boy- I may even allow him to get his nose pierced!

Now I am extremely confident that Fred and I will lead a very happy, blissful life together, full of ….. the most amazing wardrobe!

I’m sitting here a week following surgery writing this wearing compression stockings (as I am not yet that mobile) with toothpaste on those pimples that refuge to budge, and with my ‘Sponge Bob Square Pants’ blanket on my legs….and if the thought of Fred can enable me to feel so sexy and powerful……well need I say more?

(Why Fred I hear you ask?…..Well it’s a darn sight sexier than the name Barney!)

By  Tindy C 

Jan 2011


About Tindy C

Hi, I'm Tindy C and through a substantial change in my personal circumstances I have found expression through radio and the written word invaluable. I am a lawyer by profession, but am now metamorphosing, as I realize that my pursuit of happiness lies not within the confines of a ‘stuffy’ job, but by having the freedom and encouragement to be creative. I have since 2006 been working at Radio Fox, based at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. This year at the Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA) Awards, my coverage of the Leicester Belgrave Mela 2011 won the Bronze Award in the Special Event Category. I was also honoured to be shortlisted – this year & last year in the Best Female Presenter category. This is a National Awards Ceremony covering the UK. My show at Radio Fox. ‘The Tindy C Show’ has 2 sections- ‘Talk’ & ‘Desi-Fever’. In Talk, I interview various people (including health care professionals, therapists, charities, other organisations & other inspirational people. I also discuss news items. In Desi-Fever, I bring listeners the very best in all things Bhangra & Bollywood – including interviews with the stars, great music, gossip, reviews (film, theatre, books) plus much more. I have also resumed my passion of writing and within my Blog you will find evidence of my random ‘rants and raves’, alongside excerpts from the Radio.

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